Simon on the panel for Publishing Now

Bookswarm’s Simon Appleby will be on the panel for the inaugural Publishing Now event on 2-3 December 2011.

Exciting times in the world of publishing. The concept of the book is being re-imagined and re-wrought, the act of reading is undergoing enhancement and renovation. We’re no longer looking at possibilities in the future; innovation is alive, present, here, now, raring to go and accelerating fast.

That’s why we have based our conference around the theme of ‘innovation’ – throughout the weekend you’ll have the opportunity to learn, discuss, debate and explore innovation in publishing.

Simon will be participating in the Friday night session, which will have a live Twitter wall behind the panel (#talkingrubbish? We hope not!).

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New site launch: Raymond Khoury

The latest author site to be launched is for New York Times bestselling author Raymond Khoury, whose novels include The Last Templar and the recent follow-up The Templar Salvation. It’s all based on WordPress so Raymond’s already fully in control of his own content – and Bookswarm also built him a mini-website, also WordPress-based, that is embedded in his official Facebook page to provide fans with more information about the books.

Take a look at the new site