Useful tools and resources

We’ve gathered together some useful resources to help you bring your website to life. You’ll find tools to help you source images, create test content and address technical aspects of your website.

3D Book Cover Creator

A dead-handy 3D cover maker with various options including showing your book on a Kindle or smartphone.

Am I Responsive?

A handy way to generate screenshots of a website on different devices.

BestVPN Password Generator

A quick and easy way to generate strong passwords in a hurry.

Bowker ISBN converter

For converting 10-digit ISBNs to 13-digit, and vice versa.

Creative Commons Search

Offers convenient access to search Flickr, Google Images and other sites for images you can use in your website (remember many of them may require you to credit the photographer).

Easy WP Guide

A complete, free manual for WordPress.

Free Online 3D Book Cover Maker

A useful tool from Boxshot – this is a simple online version of the same software Bookswarm use to generate 3D covers for our clients.

How DNS works

Learn about how DNS works – with a comic!

Icon Finder

Great source of free icons.

Really useful to generate as much of the traditional Latin filler text as you might need when testing a website.

Our favourite lipsum generator.


Great source of free stock images.

Pik Wizard

Free image library – featuring many images of people.

Generate precise and quick placeholder images when building a website.

Portent’s Content Idea Generator

A great way to get inspired about your next blog post.


A tool for simulating how a website looks on a range of different mobile screen sizes.

Secure Passwords 101: Why They Matter + How To Create Them

A good password primer with some useful tools and resources.

Strong Password Generator

You should always use strong passwords – here’s a good way to do it.

The WordPress Template Hierarchy – A Mini Resource

A handy way of visualising how WordPress decides which template it will use to display content.

What Is My IP?

Because sometimes you need to know!

What’s My Browser?

If we ever need to know what browser you are using, this is the best way to find out and share it with us.

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