Clean Prose is London’s first co-working space designed specifically for writers, offering a quiet and inspiring workspace for authors and creatives – and Bookswarm is really excited to announce a partnership with them which will deliver benefits both for Clean Prose members and Bookswarm clients – including a free trial membership of Clean Prose for Bookswarm clients.

Clean Prose is situated on Charlotte Road in Shoreditch, a short walk from the City of London.

Here’s some information about Clean Prose in their own words:

At Clean Prose, our mission is to provide novelists, editors, publishers, journalists, screenwriters, playwrights, podcasters and bloggers a space and a community designed for a creative writing life.

To foster strong connections within the writing community, Clean Prose offers a professional network that many writers miss when they work alone at home, a library, or a noisy cafe. Clean Prose offers a quiet haven where writers meet other writers during coffee breaks.

Clean Prose offers a calendar of events that includes talks, workshops, roundtables, readings and tutorials. Membership perks include mentorships and professional networking opportunities such as talks with literary agents, editors, industry experts and film producers.

At Clean Prose, we care about the wellbeing of our writers, and our programming encourages creative health. We work in partnership with brands which support locally sourced ingredients and organic products to provide the best-quality coffee, teas and snacks.

Benefits for Clean Prose members

Clean Prose members will be automatically entitled to discounts on any projects they commission from Bookswarm – including:

Members just need to identify themselves when they get in touch.

Benefits for Bookswarm clients

Bookswarm clients are entitled to a FREE 5x Writer’s Pass, worth £100. This is a package of 5 Day Passes, which can be used over a period of two months. So if you would like to see if Clean Prose is for you, you can – and it won’t cost you a penny.

New clients will be automatically sent a discount code that they can use on the Clean Prose website when applying. Existing clients should contact us to get their discount code.