Our Partners

We have forged strong partnerships with other organisations in the publishing sphere over the years. They can enhance our clients’ projects and make them the best they can be.


Aimer make apps and work with book publishers to be part of the response to the challenge of digital in publishing. They’ve found that existing forms of publication contain much more structure and “cleverness” than can be seen on the printed page and work with publishers to make great apps.

MasterPlan – from Circular Software

MasterPlan allows publishers and authors to create searchable versions of illustrated books that can be easily embedded in their websites and shared via social media. MasterPlan is perfect for children’s books and non-fiction titles. Also ideal for sharing and embedding publisher catalogues. MasterPlan works with InDesign files and PDFs.

For an example of MasterPlan in action, check out Just Sit.


Byte The Book

Bookswarm are proud members of Byte The Book, a writing a publishing collective with authors at its core. Byte The Book champions quality writing and embraces opportunities to connect writers and publishers in the digital age. They focus on helping all members keep up to date with the latest developments in technology – specifically technologies that can enhance their books and their businesses.

Byte The Book members receive a discount on their projects with Bookswarm.

Kelly Weekes

Kelly is a Marketing Mentor & Mindset and Confidence Coach for authors. She helps authors get confident in promoting their books and themselves.