Sophie Botros

“My recent experience of working with Simon Appleby and his team at Bookswarm was entirely positive. I could not have wished for a more professional collaboration, Simon, with whom I had two face-to-face meetings, was always charming, understanding, good-humoured, and patient, as I sought to grasp the relationship between the ‘Dashboard’ and editing screen, on the one hand, and the website, on the other. He always responded immediately to any query of mine, while his instructions and explanations as to how the ‘Dashboard’ works were so simple and illuminating that I soon mastered how to update text and images for myself. The design of my website seems to me brilliant, eye-catching and yet, as befits an academic, tasteful. Its uncluttered simplicity makes even abstract ideas easy to take in. Simon seemed to know what I wanted almost from the start. I am absolutely delighted with the result.”

Sophie Botros, philosopher and author of Truth, Time and History

Sophie Botros

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