When we asked Chris Cleave, New York Times bestselling author, to say a few words about the work we do for him in hosting and supporting his WordPress website, we didn’t expect him to say over 300 very nice words indeed – but he did, and it would a cruel shame not to share them.

I first met Simon from Bookswarm when he was doing some work on my UK publisher’s website, and when I had problems optimising chriscleave.com for search engines I turned to him for help. He was fantastic, and solved all my problems on the double.

A few months later my website was hacked on the eve of an important promotional tour for my book, and I phoned Simon at 9 pm on a Friday evening to see if he could help. He could. He dropped everything and had my site back online that night. Professionalism like that is extremely rare, I think, and when you experience it you don’t tend to forget.

I have now transferred the hosting of chriscleave.com to Bookswarm, and I’m delighted with the way they host it. The site is faster, even under heavy traffic, and there has been none of the trouble with hackers and downtime that I was experiencing with my previous host (one of the biggest hosts in the US).

I design and run my own website using WordPress templates, but I’m not an expert, and Bookswarm help me out whenever I run into trouble or get in over my head. They also run a quarterly health-check to make sure I’m running the latest versions of plug-ins, and to see that everything is in order. I’m very impressed with how they operate. I think Bookswarm are unique in that they combine technical and creative expertise with a can-do spirit and an understanding of what writers, readers and publishers need from the web.

The most meaningful endorsement I can give of Bookswarm is that since I started using them, I haven’t lost a single day to technical heartaches. That leaves me free to write. Running the website has once more become what it should be – an enjoyable way for me to stay in touch with my readers and listen to what they have to say, without fretting that the darned thing is going to break all the time. I can’t recommend Bookswarm highly enough.

Shucks. That is all…