Hamlyn launch QuickCooks – with innovative digital element

Hamlyn, an imprint of Octopus Publishing Group, has launched an innovative new mass-market cookery series, with a significant digital element realised by Bookswarm.

The books themselves are clever and convenient: simply choose a recipe from the book, work out how much time you have then cook the 30-, 20- or 10-minute version. To make life even easier, this website allows you to use the special code on each recipe page to email yourself a recipe card for printing (see image) or a text-only shopping list.

The digital functionality was conceived and specified by Bookswarm as part of our consultancy engagement with Octopus, and we also designed the QuickCooks website and, working with Django developer Steve Jalim of Some Fantastic, developed the database that holds all of the recipes and the content delivery mechanisms.

Visit the QuickCook website