Bookswarm has created an eBook cross-selling site for independent publishers Gallic Books, the second publisher for whom we have delivered this simple but effective technology after its initial development for Octopus Publishing Group.

Here’s how it works:

  • We set up a content-managed website which allows publishers to upload details of their eBooks, and to organise them in to collections
  • The information is displayed to the user using a deliberately simple, chunky template that’s designed to render quickly and cleanly on a variety of mobile devices and e-readers
  • Links to a collection are embedded in all the eBooks that belong to that collection

A collection could be a series, a set of books by the same author or books all sharing a topic, theme or genre. The idea is to get readers to explore similar books when they’re at their most receptive – and to get them to focus on your books! They are then offered links to buy on a range of leading eBook retailers, chosen by you.

If you’re a publisher and you would like your own eBook cross-selling site, contact us today.