Bookswarm has taken over the running of bestselling author Lesley Lokko’s website, and enhanced it with the addition of a blog as part of a new social marketing strategy for the author.

As the existing website was based on WordPress, it was quick and easy to create a copy and add the extra features that were required – now, Bookswarm will manage the website on Lesley’s behalf and run an ongoing campaign of blog updates to the site, Facebook and Goodreads – allowing Lesley to concentrate as much time as possible on her writing.

Lesley says:

Genuine 24/7 support, full of good ideas and advice, and an ability to make the most complicated web-speak accessible to a Luddite (and techo-phobe) like myself, I can’t recommend Simon Appleby and the Bookswarm crew more highly. A thoroughly enjoyable experience, from start to finish. Thank you, thank you.

Visit the website:

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