Patrician Press was officially launched on Monday July the 8th, at a friendly gathering in Manningtree, near Ipswich. Patricia Borlenghi set up the Patrician Press in December 2012 after completing her MA in Creative Writing at the University of Essex. Patrician is small, independent and courageous. Its aim is to encourage and promote fiction and poetry written by new, local authors and its philosophy is philanthropic, rather than profit-driven. The titles will initially be published as eBooks and then, hopefully, as printed books. Patrician Press feels very strongly that it is imperative to uphold and maintain the quality of literature in today’s ever changing, challenging and competitive world.

The Patrician Press has now published six titles as eBooks. The titles are:

  • Clarisse, a contemporary novel by Marianne Francis
  • Zaira, a historical novel by Patricia Borlenghi
  • The Unfettered Cube, a poem by Mark Brayley
  • Dolores, a book of poems by Marianne Francis
  • Disarming the Porcupine, a retrospective poetry collection by Mark Brayley
  • Fat Maggie and other stories, a quirky short story collection by Emma Kittle

The books are available from Amazon Kindle and Apple iBookstore.

Guests at the launch were entertained with readings by Mark Brayley, Emma Kittle and Patricia Borlenghi, and our own Simon Appleby was also in attendance. Bookswarm developed Patrician’s visual identity, implemented its recognisable cover design style using artworks chosen by the publisher and the authors, and built the Patrician Press website. We also advised on many aspects of eBook design, formatting and distribution.

We wish Patrician Press every success!