Foodtripper Street FoodBookswarm has designed a second eBook for Foodtripper Books, this time focusing on London’s thriving gourmet street food scene.

Street food has come of age in the eating-out capital of the world.

Today, kerb-side cooking offers a serious alternative to more formal and expensive methods of eating-out. And if you can name the nationality you’ll probably find a food to match it on the streets of London. From Hanoi-inspired baguettes filled with crackling pork belly to Venezuelan arepas, paella, kimchi burgers and a hearty English breakfast, [Foodtripper] have tried to offer a balance in terms of meat versus vegetarian offerings, British versus international and a good geographical spread of street food sellers across the capital.

So next time you’re at large in London, forget the traditional restaurant approach – go al fresco. Just looking at some of the pictures from this great little book is enough to get our stomachs rumbling! Available now for Kindle