Bookswarm has created a new website for Faber’s award-winning Factory service, which provides services including ebook conversion, distribution, account management and marketing to fellow independent publishers.

The site has launched with an eyecatching editorial from Faber CEO Stephen Page entitled ‘Disrupt, disrupt, disrupt’. Stephen says:

At Faber we found success in our digital publishing by separating it from the rest of the business, as we did with our creative writing and services businesses. Some degree of separation is necessary to allow real challenge, different P&Ls and investment models, and also to keep the teams small and empowered.
Of the process of creating the new Factory site, Sales and Marketing Executive Ainsley Boe says:
At Faber Factory, we set out to redesign our website to more accurately reflect who we are as a business. We sought out the expertise at Bookswarm to help us in this endeavor and were very pleased with the result. The team at Bookswarm are professional, friendly and incredible efficient. They were there to answer all of our questions and they quickly understood the concept and aesthetic we were seeking. Faber Factory can recommend Bookswarm to anyone looking to reinvigorate their websites.