vol1_hb_transThis week has seen the launch of Lifeofwellington.co.uk, a new site for Yale University Press by Bookswarm that does more than just promote a history title – it provides readers with an entire additonal level of insight and scope for exploration.

Readers of Volume 1 of Rory Muir’s epic Life of Wellington can get a whole extra dimension by coming to the site to download this commentary as a PDF, or searching through it online and identifying additional material relevant to their interests – all based on author Rory Muir’s extensive notes made while he was researching the book. As he says:

Over the three decades I have been working on Wellington and subjects closely related to his life I have made many interesting discoveries which, for reasons of space, can only be touched on briefly in the biography. In the past, such material would have remained stashed away in my personal files, or at best trickled into the public realm via obscure scholarly articles and conference papers largely inaccessible to general readers, while future biographers and historians would have wasted many hours pointlessly following the same lines of inquiry. I am pleased, therefore, that this material is now freely available on this website.
Visit the site at Lifeofwellington.co.uk.