THREE HARES COL TEXT MED 2Bookswarm has created the brand identity and website for exciting new publishing startup Three Hares.

Three Hares is run by Yasmin Standen, a literary agent, and Helen Bryant, a scout and literary consultant. One day over coffee, while chatting about brilliant authors but bemoaning how hard it was to get some books taken on via the traditional publishing route, they decided to take matters into our own hands. And so Three Hares was born. The first acquisitions have been made and Three Hares is gearing up for big things!

We developed the logo, based on the well-known ancient symbol, and then incorporated it in to a responsive, mobile-friendly site that puts all the key information on one long, multi-section page. Helen Bryant, founder and publisher at Three Hares, when asked to describe the experience of working with Bookswarm, said:

“Simon is a genius!  His publishing portfolio and creativity caught our eye, along with his good value quote, and from start to finish Bookswarm have been effective and a pleasure to work with.”

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