1001 Books 3D‘Tis the season to… spend all your time on social media completing quizzes about how many iconic teen movies of the 80s you’ve seen, or how Northern you are.

Now users can match their cultural experiences against selections from four of Octopus Publishing’s well-known 1001 series. The 1001 series takes all your favourite subjects and picks the 1001 you MUST indulge in before you die.

Users can get on to Facebook and find out whether their taste in albums, books, movies and video games matches up to carefully chosen selections from the four books – and of course share the results with their friends. Huge amounts of love and care go in to the selection of the 1001s, so expect left-field and challenging choices as well as famous blockbusters.

All four quizzes are powered by a WordPress back-end, making it easy for the selections to be updated at any time, but also creating an economical platform for the delivery of further quizzes in future.

For the record, Simon’s scores were 10 on Albums, 8 on Books and 6 each on Movies and Video Games. Ouch… What are you waiting for? Go play!