We thought it was time for a roundup of the diverse range of author websites we’ve launched in the past few months.

First off we have a new website for scientist, communicator, author, journalist and broadcaster Marcus Chown. With books like Quantum Theory Cannot Hurt You and We Need To Talk About Kelvin under his belt, as well as an award-winning Solar System app, Marcus is an expert at communicating complex scientific ideas in language we can all relate to – and we wanted the use of strong and non-scientific imagery to reinforce that – such as this rocket-fuel powered baby!

Snap 2014-10-02 at 12.53.41

From the amazing to the fantasical, we have also created a new responsive website for Michelle Harrison, award-winning author of the Thirteen Treasures Trilogy, who writes for young adults. Michelle’s most recent book is a One Wish, a prequel to her Thirteen Treasures sequence: One wish only, understood? There are rules, so listen good…  Michelle wished for a website that incorporated objects with real meaning to her, and things which have inspired her.

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Next comes a responsive website for Simon Scarrow, number one bestselling author of the Cato and Macro novels and many other historical best-sellers. Bookswarm’s Simon is a big fan, and we really enjoyed creating a design that worked both for Simon’s main publishing strand of Roman thrillers and for books featuring Napoleon and Wellington, as well as recent standalone Sword and Scimitar.

(As an aside, this would be our third Napoleon-related website, after Shannon Selin, author of Napoleon in America and Gallic Books, who have published Napoleon in translation – Boney certainly gets around!)

Snap 2014-09-26 at 08.05.11

Self-published US author Charles L. Carson wanted a website which was very evocative of the American locations for his work, and the subject matter of his thrillers – we focused on creating a look which echoed some of the paraphernalia of intelligence work, with elements of filing, hand-written notes and communications interception. Charles lives in Hawaii, so we took our track record of working with authors in different time zones to the extreme with this project!

Screenshot 2014-08-14 16.50.23

Finally, we have a new home on the web for Harriet Evans and her writing, to coincide with her move to new publishers Headline. With her latest book, A Place for Us, Harriet has taken the theme of home very much to heart, as the book centres on the house of Winterfold and the family who call it home. We tried to echo that it sense of welcome and comfort in the design.

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Bookswarm takes pride in ensuring that every author website we create reflects the character of that author and their writing – and hopefully this selection of our recent work shows that. See all our work for authors