The Libreria team

The Libreria team

Libreria, a new book shop, printing press, and interdisciplinary community space, will open at 65 Hanbury Street, London, today (Thursday 25 February, 2016), merging state of the art design and technology with a fresh enthusiasm for physical bookselling. From Rohan Silva and Sam Aldenton, the founders of Second Home, the iconic East London space for entrepreneurs and creative businesses, Libreria blends the best of the digital and analogue worlds. The space will operate a no-phone policy, designed to create a sanctuary away from the bombardment of modern life, while at the same time using custom-made software to manage the store itself, developed in collaboration with Bookswarm.

Rohan Silva, co-founder of Second Home, said: “Libreria has been years in the making – we believe in the value of books and literature and have wanted to do this for a long time. Across industries we are seeing a return to physical, material things and a fresh appreciation of craftsmanship. These things are not being killed by the digital; they are being given new life. We believe there’s space in London and beyond for a reimagining of the bookshop, and it’s the perfect time in Second Home’s journey for us to augment who we are and what we do.”

“One of the joys of physical book buying is having an experience unimpaired by algorithmic recommendation – encountering works you might never otherwise see. When curated well, book shops are the best place to encounter new ideas and a lot of thought has gone into this.”

Rohan Silva

Designed by the award-winning Spanish architectural practice Selgas Cano, the space draws inspiration from Jorge Borges’ short story The Library of Babel, with a thoughtful aesthetic and carefully curated shelves. The name “Libreria”, which means “book shop” in Spanish and Italian, is a nod to its cosmopolitan outlook.

Bookswarm have been working with Libreria to create a bespoke Point-of-Sale and stock management system – Libreria Bookscanner – powered using WordPress and its popular WooCommerce plugin. Stock is added using a barcode scanner, with book details and covers downloaded in real time from Nielsen’s BookData web services.