12507302_10153940169021742_5040132430012215599_nBookswarm is today publishing the first of a new series of white papers designed to help publishing clients to get as much value as possible from their use of WordPress, which is emerging as the Content Management System of choice for a wide range of publishers, large and small.

Our Spring White Paper is entitled Commissioning Author Websites with WordPress: Ten Things We Learned (So You Don’t Have To). It’s designed to share some our hard-won knowledge and experience, based on the the numerous author websites we’ve developed. We’ve created projects for everyone from self-published authors to bona fide household names, and worked with writers across a wide range of genres. We’ve distilled many of the things we learnt in to the white paper, including:

  • Ideas for author content
  • Best practice for integrating social media with an author website
  • How to handle bibliographic data
  • Easy SEO
  • Performance, security and management

We hope you find it useful!

Simon Appleby, Managing Director