SarabandBookswarm have designed and built a new web presence for award-winning independent publishers Saraband.

Glasgow-based Saraband are a creative independent publisher striving to offer their readers something a little bit different. They work in three main areas:

  • Non-fiction. Producing engaging, well-written non-fiction and attractive illustrated books. With a broad range of memoir, history, arts and environment titles, Saraband celebrate extraordinary human achievement, explore important cultural traditions and champion planet Earth and its diverse species.
  • Fiction. Giving a platform to the most exciting and talented new authors, especially those from Scotland and women writers. As well as some wonderful literary and historical fiction, Saraband have now created a new imprint, Contraband, which features an eclectic range of crime, mystery and thriller writing – ranging from pacy detective stories to intriguing enigmas.
  • Digital publishing. Saraband have become renowned as something of an innovator in digital publishing and have worked on a range of successful mobile phone apps, including Bookspotting, Burns Night and Pandacademy.

Saraband’s new website organises their publishing in to three key areas – Nature, Culture and Fiction – and crime imprint Contraband has its own special home page too.

Saraband publisher Sara Hunt says:

sarah-hunt“When we decided to give our website a makeover, we were very keen to work with someone who truly understood the needs of a publisher, and Bookswarm have been second-to-none in that regard. From the off they ‘got it’ – both in terms of how our new website needed to be intuitive to use for us as publishers, and in terms of how it performed for readers and the wider books industry.

Simon and his team have been superb to work with and we’re delighted with the final website – it really does look better than we could have hoped for.”

Visit the new Saraband website