The Royal Society of Literature is launching a programme, “Literature Matters”, to campaign for recognition of the power and value of great writing. Writers and readers are being asked to help with contributions, proposals and support.

A key part of the Society’s new programme will be the Literature Matters Online Hub, designed and built by Bookswarm as an extension of the RSL’s main website.

RSL director Tim Robertson told The Bookseller: “For me and Marina [Warner], we are the new gang at the RSL, we are building on its tradition and heritage but feeling that in the panoply of all the different literature organisations – some like The Reading Agency about literacy and reading, some like Arvon about creative writing, others like the Society of Authors about writers’ rights – our bit is about being a voice for literature, great writing, words that aspire to be more than plain communication.

“That’s what we’re trying to do, show that in this big, complicated, messy world, literature has a really vital, crucial role – our job is to make that case and get that debate heard out there in the nation.”

Visit the Literature Matters Online Hub