Welcome to the first in an occasional series of posts where we turn the floor over to our partners and pals in publishing to talk about what they do, to help our customers learn more about them. This week, it’s the turn of Futureproofs founder John Pettigrew.

Tell us a little about Futureproofs

Futureproofs is a modern web platform that helps publishers of all sizes to manage their proofs better on-screen. It’s designed for the modern remote world and helps you work more easily, communicate more clearly, and control the process more effectively.

Can you describe what your platform does?

We provide a web-based software platform that allows a team to mark up and collaborate around their proofs, combining the best of traditional workflows with the best of modern web technology. Futureproofs is the only platform designed specifically for book proofing, and is used in the UK, USA, EU and Australia on everything from narrative text to complex educational material.

What’s been happening recently?

We’ve just completed the work needed to become a climate-positive business. That is, all the activities of our business (from the power running our servers to the business travel of our team) is tracked and offset by tree planting and supporting low-carbon projects around the world. So now, not only can Futureproofs help your business, we can help you help the world!

How can people get in touch if this is something they’d like to talk to you about?

If you’d like to find out more, get in touch on our website (https://www.WeAreFutureproofs.com), Twitter (@john_pettigrew) or email ([email protected]).