I will be taking part in a virtual seminar next week as part of the 2021 Virtual London Book Fair. The panel is called Quick, Quick, Slow: What have been the technological changes in publishing this year? and we discuss how the pandemic, Brexit and other technological changes have been affecting the publishing industry – for better and for worse.

The discussion is chaired by Justine Solomons, Director of Byte The Book, and my fellow panellists are Mark Stay (Author, Screenwriter and co-presenter of the Bestseller Experiment podcast) and Hermione Ireland (MD of The Académie du Vin Library).

The event is on Wednesday, 23rd June at 13:30 – 14:30 (British Summer Time) and there will be an opportunity for Q&A at the end. We would be delighted if you could drop in – the virtual nature of this year’s London Book Fair means that it’s accessible to more people than ever – and it’s free!

Justine Solomons

Mark Stay

Hermione Ireland

Simon Appleby