Séverine Autesserre

Categories: Author websites

Sub-categories: Academic, Non-fiction

Skills: Toolset, WPML, WordPress

Client: Séverine Autesserre

Séverine Autesserre

Bi-lingual website for New-York based academic Séverine Autesserre, who is an award-winning author, peacebuilder, and researcher.

The site is fully available in both English and French, with multiple languages handled by the WPML family of plugins. English > French translation was undertaken by Nathalie Reis Translations and project managed by Bookswarm.

“I am thrilled with the results of my collaboration with Bookswarm!

My redesigned website is much more appealing and user-friendly than it used to be, and I now have a French translation of this site.

The redesign process was a lot of work, but it was certainly worth it.”

Séverine Autesserre, award-winning author, peacebuilder, and researcher

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