The Marketing Alliance

The Marketing Alliance

The Marketing Alliance is a small marketing agency specialising in publishing, education and EdTech, founded and run by Julia Garvey.

“Before I commissioned Bookswarm to build my new website I was toying with doing it myself, after all I’m familiar with WordPress and I wanted something clean and simple.

If you are in the same position as this, then I urge you not to DIY. Simon and his team took my ideas and made them a reality quickly, efficiently and far better than I would have been able to. They enabled me to get on with my job while creating a site that is professional and of a very high standard. I also discovered that just because something looks simple, doesn’t mean it is easy to create – Bookswarm added a level of sophistication to the functionality that would not otherwise be available to me. I found the whole team efficient, friendly and approachable and I am delighted with the end result.”

Julia Garvey, founder, the marketing alliance

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