Colin Matthews

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Client: Colin Matthews

Colin Matthews

Website design for composer Colin Matthews OBE. Colin studied at the Universities of Nottingham and Sussex, and subsequently worked as assistant to Benjamin Britten, and with Imogen Holst. He collaborated with Deryck Cooke for many years on the performing version of Mahler’s Tenth Symphony. Since the early 1970s, Matthews’ music has ranged from solo piano music through five string quartets and many ensemble and orchestral works.

“I don’t think Bookswarm has worked with a composer before, and Simon’s initial surprise at having to deal with well over 150 works rather than a handful of books quickly gave way to enthusiasm and unfailing support at every stage. This was no easy website to build, but the result is something both very stylish and easy to use – I couldn’t be happier!”

Colin Matthews OBE, Composer

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